Depending on when you subscribe, it may take as long as 10 weeks to get your first issue. Here's why!

Since ADVMoto is also on newsstands and to allow enough time for postage, we send each issue to press one month before the the title date. For example, the January/Feb issue is sent to the printer at the very beginning of December. The March issue is sent to the printer on the first of February, and so on.

Subscriber's issues are mailed out from the printer, so the subscriber mailing list is sent to the printer at the same time. This means the maximum wait time is around three months if you happen to sign up just after the beginning February, April, June, August, October, December.

If you subscribe on December 5th (just a couple days late for the Jan/Feb issue order), then your first issue will be March/April which you should receive one or two weeks before March. Please note postage time varies!

To help fill the time, we offer over 30 digital digital back issues any online subscriber is welcome to download and read. Also, if a subscriber wants to start their subscription with the current issue, they can request their subscription start with the current issue. The subscriber will cover the additional shipping cost. We'll mail one out separately.

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If you paid through Credit Card (via, please send us a note though the Contact page and we'll be happy to cancel the recurring payment for you.  You will receive an email confirmation when the cancellation has been processed (usually within 48 to 72 hours).

Yes! ADVMoto is available in over 2,500 book stores and newsstand in the US, Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Singapore. Check our "Store Finder" to find a newstand location near you!

Gift subscriptions can be purchased simply by filling in the gift recipient's name in the shipping/send-to address.  You can verify their account by email, then send the login credential to the gift recipient.  At that time they can login andchange their own password or email!  

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Adventure Motorcycle Magazine (ADVMoto) is published six (6) times a year. As the industry grows in North American and beyond, we hope to reach 12 times a year!

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