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July 24, 2017

BestRest Products’ CyclePump Expedition Inflator

I’m an old fan of the original BestRest CyclePump Adventure. It came along at a time when it seemed that every other brand broke just when I needed it. My CyclePump is now a few years old, I’ve carried it on every ride, used it well over 100 times (I lost count), and it just keeps on ticking. But there…
July 20, 2017

HMK Intimidator Gloves

Many touring glove options are available in today’s adventure/dual-sport market. I’ve always preferred light, minimalist gloves that rely mainly on high abrasion resistance for protection. Low interference with finger dexterity, and how easily I can get them on and off, top my list of criteria for comfortable protective hand wear. The HMK Intimidators, however, aren’t those gloves. Their layered build…
July 12, 2017

Klim’s Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet

With all the growth in the ADV/dual-sport market, you knew it wouldn’t be long before the crew at Klim produced an ADV helmet. The “weight,” no pun intended, was well worth it. The helmet has the basic lines of a traditional MX helmet with its short snout and MX-style peak. What’s cool about the Krios is its ability to change…
July 10, 2017

REV'IT! Sand 3 Gloves - The Ultimate Summer Mitts

When a new version of a product comes along, inevitably someone will comment, “if it ain’t broke—don’t fix it.” Typically, I would agree, but the improvements that REV’IT! made to the new Sand 3 gloves are exemplary and undeniable.The Sand 3 gloves are clearly from the “Sand” line of REV’IT! gear, following a similar design to the outgoing Sand Pro…
July 03, 2017

Wolfman Pikes Peak Rapid Release System

Winter is, at best, a questionable time for an adventure ride up north. It’s snowing and the sun set two hours ago. I’ve ridden over 800 miles today from my home in central Oklahoma, trying to come within striking distance of my friends for an off-pavement ride in Utah. With temperatures now well below freezing I am chilled to the…
June 27, 2017

Held Carese II Jacket and Torno II Pants

Whether or not you’ve come across the Held brand, this German manufacturer has been in its stride for over 70 years. One of the first to offer textile motorcycle apparel back in 1991, Held goes all out to harness the latest fabric technology with the Carese II jacket and Torno II pants, to a woman rider’s advantage.On and off road…
May 25, 2017

Wolfman Enduro Carry-All Ballistic Bag

Between the sections of tight singletrack we’re thundering over sandy whoops in a dust cloud that feels like it might as well be a desert race. I’ve got a few snacks, zip-ties and tools right within my reach but not in my jacket, backpack or tail pouch, and I don’t have a tank bag getting in my way or a…
May 24, 2017

Touratech Explore HP Rear Shock for the Honda Africa Twin

The stock Honda Africa Twin Showa suspension has been praised for how well it works off road as well as its decent handling on the road. But once you start loading down the bike with equipment for a true adventure, the limits of the stock shock become apparent. The rear spring lacks enough tension to maintain proper sag under loaded…
May 19, 2017

Rukka Flexina Riding Suit

Over an 8,000-mile assessment on and off road in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, the elements have had relentless opportunity to throw every kind of abuse imaginable at the Rukka Flexina. I tested the suit in conditions ranging from sandblasting gusts on the Baja Peninsula, sleet in Kanab, and downpours that froze on impact en route to Flagstaff, and in…