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July 18, 2017

Behind the Scenes at Giant Loop

Harold Olaf Cecil hasn’t said that he believes in destiny, but if you take a look at his life, it’s clear that everything he’s done has synchronistically brought him to where he is now. Throughout his career he’s accumulated the sales, marketing, business, and media skills to be an entrepreneur, although he didn’t set out to be one. His family is…
June 29, 2017

Cogent Dynamics Suspension Specialists

Suspension: Done wrong, it not only feels sloppy but also endangers the rider; done right, it transforms a motorcycle into a remarkably more responsive and safer machine. If your bike’s suspension is terrible or less than optimum, a significant suspension upgrade can make a radical difference—often turning a mediocre ride into a keeper. I don’t use the word “remarkable” loosely.…
June 29, 2017

VIP Bike Rentals in Hanoi: More than a Bike Shop

Australian Andrew Souto first visited Vietnam in 2005. Although he came as a tourist, he had his heart set on volunteering. “At the time, they needed doctors, nurses and other professionals, but I’m just a mechanic,” he explained. “So I decided to just travel around the country and see what would happen. During that trip I met a director of…
June 28, 2017

Rally Management Services: An Interview with Dave Peckham

What are Dave Peckham’s fantasies? To buy farmland in Washington’s lush Olympic Peninsula to raise goats and make cheese… to live sustainably, comfortably and quietly with his wife… and oh—to take his underdog racing team, Rally Pan Am, to every podium around the globe! According to Dave, he broke into the off-road riding scene “a little late in the game.” But he has striven to…
November 23, 2016

Schuberth: Innovator in Head Protection

If you’ve been around the ADV scene for a while, you’ve heard of Schuberth—a preferred brand for many riders for years, particularly round-the-worlders. And now they’ve introduced the E1 Adventure helmet. What makes Schuberth so great? We contacted Randy Northrup, president of their North American arm, to talk about why people love his company’s helmets. Innovation is a major difference…