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March 07, 2018

Chimborazo: Motorcycling to the Highest Point from Center Earth

While working my way towards 20,548 feet, I was blessed with weather that was screaming “turn back!” This was affecting my normal riding style where I typically keep my visor up and sunglasses on. Today, however, I was enjoying freezing rain on my visor while cutting my way through thick cloud coverage. Flipping from high-beam to low-beam trying to decide…
February 23, 2018

Group Therapy: Exploring America's Southwest

It’s 8:00 a.m. at CSC headquarters in Azusa, California. Kickstands clatter against their stops and our wheelhouse-boomer demographic group fires up their 250cc RX3s bound for the deserts of America’s Southwest. From the extreme eastern reaches of Texas to the next town over we’ve gathered to ride CSC’s Destination Deal Tour. The group leaves the Uplands, leans left onto the…
February 12, 2018

Scouting the Vermont 400

When motorcyclists think about riding the U.S., it often involves the canyons, monumental geological formations, and deserts of the Wild West. However, the terrain in the Northeast can be equally technical—filled with gnarly, rocky trails through heavily wooded areas.  When MotoVermont invited ADVMoto to scout a new tour with them, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Eric Milano, the owner,…
December 15, 2017

The Ride Approach: Carving Snow and Riding Motos

One of the most rewarding aspects of being part of the adventure motorcycling community is getting to know the people in it. ADVMoto interviewed Oregon native, Jesse Swickard, who is planning a creative way to combine two thrilling and unique passions - ADV riding and split boarding. When we first heard about The Ride Approach, we couldn't resist reaching out…
October 27, 2017

KTM 1190 and 950 Sidecar US Road Trip

For years, we’d planned to do a U.S. road trip. For us, the most important question was: What type(s) of motorcycles would we use? For Jan, that was easy—his KTM 1190 Adventure. For me, the ability to ride under all circumstances was important. As we wanted to camp wherever possible, luggage space was another a key requirement. When we had…
August 28, 2017

Winter Riding Russia's Lake Baikal

Until recently, I’d only limited experience riding on ice. After acquiring a set of studded Mitas tires I was able to ride in local wooded areas near my home in Lithuania during the winter. It’s lots of fun, but the quantity of snow varies greatly, and changing temperatures means the ice on many of the lakes is unsafe. In Lithuania,…
August 22, 2017

Desert Bliss - Touring Through the Mojave and Death Valley

On a Friday morning in Lancaster, CA, we had eight riders loaded up and ready to head out to the Mojave Desert to begin a 3-day dirt bike adventure. Some guys on this trip knew each other, but most were riding together for the first time. Weather was awesome, being a crisp and cool spring day, we all knew it…
May 17, 2017

A Bare Bones Meandering Motorcycle Journey Down Baja Way

There’s something about waking up to rain on a tent that makes it difficult to find motivation for the day ahead. It’s a simple peacefulness that I don’t often appreciate until long after I’m sitting at home with only my memories. But it’s also one of the many small moments that contribute to an insatiable wanderlust. My friend Bailey, however,…
May 16, 2017

Trail Maintenance - Keeping the System Rideable

Do you think those trails you ride during adventure bike weekends, hare scrambles, and enduros cut themselves? Think again. Trail maintenance is often done by small local clubs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a club member or just a guy who rides there a couple times a year—if they put out the call for help with trail maintenance—go to it.…