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April 18, 2017

Five Tips for Off-Road Motorcycle Riding

Want to improve your off-road riding skills? Some riders grew up blasting from berm to berm on dirt bikes while others got their introductions to the world of two-wheeled freedom by riding on the street before ever setting foot—or tire—off the pavement. Whatever your case, ADVMoto has some tips and tricks you can apply to your dual-sport or adventure bike…
April 17, 2017

Traveling Light: An Epic Adventure with two Mexican Chefs

After two months of riding our native Mexico, the time had come. Today we would venture north of the border. It was a warm morning in San Felipe, Baja California Norte, and there were 200 kilometers between us and Arizona. We would ride the last bit of Highway 5 along the Sea of Cortez and through Sonora before crossing into…
March 28, 2017

An Interview with: RTWer Frank Pantheofer

Frank Pantheofer and his girlfriend, Simone Dorner, a German couple, just completed a three-and-a-half year epic journey around the world on an old pair of Honda 700cc Transalps. You can read all about it in Frank’s two-book series titled, “Motorcycle Vagabonds” (see info at the end of this article). As the book title implies, they did it on a budget,…
January 13, 2017

AltRider: Mentoring as a Mode of Business

It’s hard to keep up with Jeremy LeBreton. Whether you’re chatting, riding, or doing business, he operates at nothing less than full throttle. He’s a man who’s “all in” no matter what he’s doing; energetic enough to pull you along with him, and charismatic enough that you probably won’t mind. It’s this combination of energy, excitement and drive that’s made…
December 09, 2016

Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School

I was flying. The protesting movement of my early street Honda’s primitive suspension was at ease. I had been coerced into a jump on my first time off road, around a blind corner, by my “buddies” who waited at the bottom of the hump roaring in laughter. After a moment of weightlessness, gravity won... the suspension bottomed out and the…
November 23, 2016

Schuberth: Innovator in Head Protection

If you’ve been around the ADV scene for a while, you’ve heard of Schuberth—a preferred brand for many riders for years, particularly round-the-worlders. And now they’ve introduced the E1 Adventure helmet. What makes Schuberth so great? We contacted Randy Northrup, president of their North American arm, to talk about why people love his company’s helmets. Innovation is a major difference…
October 13, 2016

Rider Spotlight: Madeleine Velázquez aka MissRider

Madeleine Velázquez is full of surprises. Meet her when she's wearing street clothes -- head full of dark curls, bright eyes and bold lipstick, a flowing dress over her tiny frame -- and you wouldn't suspect the ambitious project she's planning. Nor would you guess what she's already accomplished.Velázquez is Missrider ( Her goal is to be the first 60-plus-year…
August 10, 2016

Five Myths of Adventure Travel and Motorcycling

Have you got the itch for adventure? Are you worried it's unsafe, too expensive or even simply impossible? ADVMoto asked some of the most traveled globe riders about five common myths of adventuring around the world. Men, women, couples and solo travelers alike can learn something from the tremendous experience of our five panelists with over 40 years of combined travel,…
July 25, 2016

Industry Profile: Mosko Moto - A Look Inside Innovative Luggage

White Salmon, Washington, lies nestled in the Pacific Northwest wilderness. If you aren’t careful, you’ll miss it as you speed by. With a population of less than 3,000 people, it’s a charming place in that sleepy, small-town kind of way. You’d never suspect that an innovative motorcycle business has been growing within its borders.The small start-up company called Mosko Moto…