ADVMoto Staff and Writers

Publisher - Carl Parker

After completing his first feature length film "The Return: Riding Western China," Carl came away from five amazing years of photographing Western China with two important lessons. First, the rider makes the ride—not the other way around. Second, sharing your journey with others expands not only your personal horizons, but of those around you as well. Carl's current and future projects focus on encouraging adventurers to produce something from their experiences because, "If life is not art, what is?"

Senior Editor - Paul H. Smith

Founder of DynaMedia, the legendary Los Angeles-based marketing communications firm. Paul has extensive campaign experience in the computer, music and publishing industries in the U.S.A., Canada, and the U.K. He is also a pioneer in the development of computer-based telecommunications, micro-computer-based publishing and video systems now used worldwide. Paul has lived in Canada, the U.S.A., the U.K., France and India—currently residing in Los Angeles.

Dan DiMaio - Marketing and ADVertising

Dan started life on two wheels at the early age of three. Since then, it's been a life of two-wheeled adventures. Working in the Washington area’s premier motorcycle dealership for six years, he discovered the world of cross country endurance racing and still competes on a regular basis. Dan's job is working with adventure-oriented providers to "share the love" with our readers.

Chris McMachen - Web Editor

Chris has always had an interest in the two-wheeled lifestyle. After getting his first dual sport back in high-school, he is now perfecting how to load and ride his new Kawasaki KLR 650. Originally from sunny Florida, the twisty roads in the Virginia area have been a welcome change from the flat expanses of his home state. His first motorcycle being a Yamaha DT 250, he hopes to continue learning more about adventure riding culture. At Adventure Motorcycle Magazine, Chris wants to inspire new riders to get out of their comfort zone and try something new.
Susan Dragoo - Copy Editor

Susan Dragoo loves the adventure lifestyle. Whether straddling her BMW F650GS or squeezing through a slot canyon in southern Utah, she is happy as long as she is outside. A detail person by heart, Susan has spent her life earning credentials to support her passion. In addition to her work with ADVMoto, Susan is a contributor to a number of publications including Oklahoma Today, TrailGroove, and OutdoorX4 and she also does regular scenic photography work for the Oklahoma Department of Tourism. "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. I love the outdoors and the people who go there.” says Susan.

Sam Manicom - Contributing Editor

Sam Manicom was born in the Belgian Congo. Wanting to do something completely different he learned to ride a motorcycle and set off to ride the length of Africa. This one-year trip turned into an eight-year, 200,000 mile epic across 55 countries around the world. Sam has been writing for travel and motorcycle magazines in the U.S.A., Canada and the U.K. since 1996. And, the author of four notable adventure motorcycle travel books.

Nicole Espinosa - Contributing Editor


Currently living on the road on her motorcycle, Nicole is spreading her wings to document a journey of a lifetime. The whim of the road is a grand teacher that opens up the world to new perspective, and Nicole is growing with this new insight found on two wheels. Working and writing from the road will lead her to getting that sidecar she’s always wanted to get her kids Alana and Dimitri out there with her to explore the world.

Bret Tkacs

Bret, now one of the top motorcycle trainers in the nation, Puget Sound Safety – Off Road (PSSOR) trains civilians, law enforcement and U.S. Military in the Pacific Northwest and across the United States. His current bikes include the BMW F800GS and a Husqvarna TE310 (dual-sport), his passion and knowledge for adventure riding is evident in his writings and teachings.

Scotty Breauxman - Racing Contributor

Scotty Breauxman is a moto-journalist and retired off road racer focused on the Mexican state of Baja CA. Scotty contributes a variety of content to ADV Moto including project bike builds, product testing and expedition reports. As the creator and General Director of Mexico’s first Dakar-style rally raid, the BAJA RALLY, Breauxman splits his time evenly between Del Mar CA and his second home south of Ensenada.

Marisa McInturff

Marisa started riding motorcycles at the age of eight. Her love of two wheels has grown into a deep passion over the years. Marisas's thirst for adventure keeps her in a constant trip planning mode, eager to get out and explore. You can usually find her romping through the Smokey Mountains on her 950 ADV or teaching Learn to Ride courses in Nashville, TN. Marisa wants to encourage everyone to follow their dreams and never take NO for an answer.

Ivana and Manu


Manu Torres and Ivana Colakovska are a Spanish and Macedonian couple who started the Around Gaia Project with the mission of traveling the globe by motorcycle. Their goals are straightforward: “We intend to prove there’s no need to be frightened of the unknown. That we can break the misconceptions, mistrust and fear of danger of faraway people and places. We want to show how the world is a much nicer place than many believe it to be.”

Bill Dragoo

Bill Dragoo is an active adventure rider and journalist and a professional riding coach for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. He also operates adventure riding schools in Bolivia and Norman, Oklahoma.

Alisa Clickenger

Alisa Clickenger fell in love with the roads less traveled nearly a decade ago. In 2009-2010 Alisa spent seven months riding solo from Connecticut to Argentina. She’s ridden both the Trans America Trail and the Continental Divide Ride, all over Europe, the Americas, up to Alaska, India, Israel and most recently Southern Africa. Alisa now writes and leads motorcycle tours in order to continue traveling. Her mission is to support and empower other riders, particularly women, to achieve their two-wheeled dreams. Alisa’s tour company is

Lois Pryce

Weary of the daily grind in jargon-infested London media-land, Lois Pryce jacked in her job at the BBC to ride from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego astride her Yamaha XT225. Upon her return she wrote the book of this trip, Lois on the Loose. Itchy wheels struck and she was off again on a Yamaha TTR250 to ride from London to Cape Town, crossing the Sahara through Algeria and Niger and continuing down the west coast through the Congo and Angola to South Africa. The tale of this trip is captured in her book Red Tape and White Knuckles. Lois lives on a Dutch barge in London with her husband, fellow motorcycle adventurer Austin Vince.

Ian Neubauer

Ian Neubauer was five years old when his parents took him to Tahiti. As soon as he finished high school in Australia, he hit the road, spending years backpacking across Europe, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. He’s combined his work as a journalist and passion for off-road touring to travel to and through some of the most exotic countries in the region, including Cambodia, Laos, China and the Philippines. He loves nothing more than charging solo through strange lands, getting to know the locals and being covered in mud. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

Spencer Hill

Spencer is a shameless gear junky that has a great love for motorcycles, travelling and the outdoors. After discovering adventure riding his passion and excitement for this rapidly expanding branch of the motorcycle industry has grown exponentially. When not seeking out or testing gear he can be found exploring back roads and trails in the Pacific Northwest on two wheels.

Shalmarie Wilsongrew up exploring the outdoors in Alaska. After a bad accident she realized that life is short and can be taken away in a flash—so she made big changes and has since committed to living her life to its


Kyra Sacdalan and Justin W. Coffey are freelance journalists and co-creators of, a multimedia company that creates unique content for the motorcycle community. Follow them on

Paul Guillien

Paul Guillien saved up paper route money for a Honda XR 100 as a kid but his parents said “no way.” Refusing to give up on his moto dreams, he ended up in the motorcycle industry and currently serves as CEO at Touratech-USA. He’s also a founding member of the non-profit organization, Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR), where he encourages riders to explore remote places on adventure motorcycles. When not on two wheels, he can be found sailing away from civilization, exploring islands and quiet anchorages with his wife and two children.

Jon Beck

Jon Beck is a professional photographer and motorcyclist living in Southern California. With a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Pepperdine University, and having held such varied positions as a network administrator, musician, Sign Language interpreter, and actor, Jon brings a diverse array of skills to his projects. Much of his work recently has been in front of the camera, but he’s usually happiest lost in a desert someplace on two wheels.

Chris Shaw

Christopher J. Shawhas been riding motorcycles since he was a skinny, 12-year-old, Barry Sheene-worshipping English lad. Thirty-eight years later, still skinny and worshipping Bazza but currently living in Canada, his passion for bikes is as strong as ever. He has ridden in England, Canada, America, Thailand, Taiwan, India and Nepal. He has attended the Isle of Man TT, MotoGP events in Shanghai, China and Indianapolis, U.S., and raced for five years as an F1 and 2 sidecar “monkey.” The best job he ever had was working as a Canada Safety Council motorcycle riding instructor and the best bike he ever owned was all of them—at the time.

Jay Kannaiyan

Jay Kannaiyan is a motorcycle adventurer who set off in 2010 from Chicago for a three-year journey across Latin America, Europe and Africa before ending in Delhi. Riding a Suzuki DR650, he covered over 103,000 km across 33 countries. After the trip, Jay launched Jammin Global Adventures Ltd. and now curates motorcycle tours in Kenya, India, Mongolia and Myanmar. He also makes a mean chicken curry. Jay uses his experiences to help grow the adventure motorcycling community in India by giving talks on his trips and encouraging the next generation of motorcycle travellers to get on the road and ride. Find out more at

Shalmarie Wilson

 Shalmarie Wilsongrew up exploring the outdoors in Alaska. After a bad accident she realized that life is short and can be taken away in a flash—so she made big changes and has since committed to living her life to its fullest.

Shalmarie Wilsongrew up exploring the outdoors in Alaska. After a bad accident she realized that life is short and can be taken away in a flash—so she made big changes and has since committed to living her life to its